Good evening from Hellsaroarin !! Good mules good place good barn good hand . I’ve had over 500 employees in my life . We’ve been so lucky that it’s just a few that I can think of that never cut the mustard or were just plain and simple cry baby sissies ! This is Peyton ! He is fast becoming one of my five best all around hands that I’ve ever had work . I’ve had better hunters better cowboys better packers but not many that did all of them well . He is , to borrow a phrase from Lonesome Dove , cheerful in all weather . Never ever thinks a job is beneath him . My son Jeremiah always grabs him when there is real work to do . He has made mistakes but learns from them . He is quick to say when he makes one and comes to me to tell me face to face . Climbs on any horse I ask him to . I appreciate him and hope he stays doing what he loves for a long time . There is no quit in him and he has a knack with horses and mules . Catching them getting baby colts that are sluggish to get up and suck . This may embarrass him a little bit but a good hard worker that can put in 15 hour days alongside me and still laugh as we eat supper needs to be recognized . His Parents and grandparents I know are as proud of him as I am . He rides for the brand ! Respectfully Warren