Good evening from Hellsaroarin . Gardiner Rodeo Grounds is where we start the Hellsaroarin horse drive on May 25 th ! I open the gates at 1 pm sharp . Not one minute before or one minute after ! Tomorrow I’ll show you in between and then tomorrow night I’ll show you where it ends and the party auction barbecue begins . I’ve drove the horses home since our first year in business . I never owned a trailer for a few years . So it was how we did it . But as many of you know we know do it for trac chairs for needing veterans . Average cost per chair is 17000$ . We have , with the help of some of my greatest hunters , already purchased one . That is a great way to start . In a day or two I will start putting up all of the auction , raffle , silent bid items . The list is tremendous ! So many thanks to Elaine Nordlund Shipley . I am a man who does not get easily impressed . She has done that . Her work ethic is impeccable , her attention to detail is unsurpassed and her greatest asset her personal integrity is beyond reproach . Thanks Elaine . Now I’m asking all who read this to share it or tell as many people about the auction . We need bidders for some of the most incredible items from rifles to knives to the best paintings leather work Tuf Cooper Trevor Brazil items . This is the real deal . A bronze . I’m also excited to have Duane Branger bring his Dads ashes Johnny Branger , , A World War Two veteran , to my new arena and put them on a bucking horse and buck them off in our new arena . This will kick the evening off . Literally . 🙂He was

My friend ! I will tell much more . But if you have any reservations about me or Outfitters put that to the side ALL of the money raised is going to help these heroes who keep this country great . I am a very positive person and want to keep this event and my page positive . Please respect and remember that . Thank you for sharing and know the American flag will be flown high wide and handsome at any of our events . Proud of my country and unashamed to say it . Proud of our servicemen and proud to say it . I don’t say someone should do something , we do it . Thank you all so much for every year . Respectfully Warren