Good evening from Hellsaroarin ! April 17 will go down as one of my most favorite days of 2019. It is the day my son Jeremiah finished and delivered my brand new custom built saddle! What a beauty . In 2003 he built his very first saddle for me . I still used it up until last Saturday on decker flats . That was it’s last ride . It will be retired next to my Dads in our trophy room !

The one he completed today was his 38th ! it is a wade tree , Ray Hunt style! I’m going to saddle up in the morning and try it out !’I am part Indian and I carry my good luck charms with me . Sometimes in my pocket sometimes on my saddle . But now I’ve got a little built in pouch to carry them with . Behind the cantle is not only strings but a leather strap with buckle to tighten up your slicker coat etc.,. Lots of handy little things . I’ve worn all the sheepskin off the right side of my old saddle from dragging elk buffalo deer firewood roping hundreds of colts ! My equipment is put to the test and his saddles hold up from here to Italy , .. Thank you Jeremiah . Love it . Respectfully Warren