Almost Christmas time and still packing in metal I beams for a bridge in the Lee Metcalf wilderness area. These were quite heavy , maybe 300 pounds each . The mules names were Jack and Jenny . Scott Sallee , Dave Poncin , myself and another helper ! It was only about 4 miles so not a big deal . But there were some rough spots to negotiate. I think , if memory is correct we hauled 110 loads in . Lots of planks and short 6by 6s. We stayed in Ennis , MT and being young we shot pool at night . Thinking back , I wish I had the energy now to pack all day and shoot pool at night  ! I loved the challenges of difficult packing and still do . I’ve helped train Marines to pack different loads and am proud to pass on the things I’ve learned . Incidentally the mule named Jack , I broke to ride and he was the very first mule that I broke that I would call finished” ! He was so useful . Drag elk , slide to a stop , rein , just a pleasure to ride and own . I was riding him across Deckard flats and was visiting with a hunter who was riding a good fast quarter horse . He challenged me to a horse / mule race . I beat him by a length . He couldn’t stand it and bought the mule there .

Respectfully Warren