Every life has a beginning and here is I think the earliest picture of me and my dog Fatso. Behind me is our house that burned down . My Dad started building this in 1931. We had the freedom to do what we wanted growing up . There are things I looked back on when I was younger and started to think I wasn’t loved enough or nobody held my hand . Most of this thinking started when I heard others saying it about their lives . But riding thousands of miles with an over active mind ,I realized how lucky I was . I was a young man at 14 making adult decisions . I worked so hard and paid cash for a brand new truck at 17 years old . Was it hard growing up ? I can’t even describe some of the long days , wondering how I was going to get out of bed in the morning . Was it worth it, ?You damn right. I’m so proud to live in America and especially in Montana! I’m so proud to be an American and I can personally attest to the fact that if you have the guts and determination America gives you the opportunity to be anything you want . I still have dreams and wished I’m striving for . Anyway I’m a proud patriot and I hope you enjoyed this !

Respectfully Warren