Good evening from Hellsaroarin. Below is a picture of the home place or Hellsaroarin headquarters. I’m so damn proud of what we built . I grew up poor as hell and America is the only country that can give a kid this opportunity. This is protect our way of life week by promoting beef . The green liberals are after our way of life . They don’t want anyone to eat beef ! It wasn’t enough that Burger King  had the little boy playing guitar and singing about how the ranchers should feed lemon grass so the cows will fart environmentally friendly . You see one of my best friends I’ve ever had ,  Dick Lyman bulldogging a bucking horse as the rider was hung up . You going to feed that big ….. Kale and vegan crap ? Our way of life isn’t just about beef pigs horses it’s about the faithful ranch dog that is buried where he caught a rabbit . It’s about the old horse that raised the family and he’s buried in the orchard or where he used to stand on a dry knob where the breeze blew to help him fight flies . It’s about your favorite mare . You waited all year for her to foal and when she did you knew something was off . But you told the kids and your partner that you can save it . You worked all night and at daylight when they usually die he did . It’s about the mare nickering at you and trotting to keep up as you carried her dead baby away . We still love this life and don’t have time to fight some green liberals whim . I’m so tired of hearing well we will just need to agree to disagree . The hell I do ! I don’t want to be around or friendly to folks trying to take a very cool lifestyle away just because they don’t get it and have never ever never built anything in their life . It’s all about destroying what they disagree with . We don’t have weekends and this time of year we don’t have days it’s a blur but we love it. I want mine one inch medium rare tonight . Respectfully Warren