This is my son Jeremiah Johnson , a few years ago ! This is his first elk . He was 12 years old and on opening day in Hellroaring . We left camp at 430 am and tied up our horses on the park line right below Doc Shores . At daylight we started bugling and hunting up the side of bull mountain ! At about 8 o’clock I heard a bull bugle and we snuck in close . We jumped a five point bull with six cows and five calves . They were running through the open timber near a beautiful meadow . One well placed shot from his .243 Winchester and I was a proud father . That meadow ever since is Jeremiah’s meadow and is a place we use a lot. On the way back to camp another hunter got another bull . The only two killed in the hellroaring drainage on opening day. He is riding my old saddle horse Tug and leading Billy . Pretty handy for 12 .  I sold Billy in 82 to another Outfitter and he couldn’t handle him , hence the name Billy . After three years I sold him to the Park service and there packer couldn’t handle him . Jeremiah got Ali g great and we used him till he was well into his twenties . What a great hunt and a memory . Many times glassing Jeremiah’s meadow I relive that day . He rode over 50 miles to get him and pack him out to home . I started him hunting the proper way and he’s dang good at it . Respects the animals and his hunters .