This is a saddle that my Dad rode for 40 years. He started ranching and cowboying in the Billings area during the late teens and the roaring twenties. This was still the type of saddle used in Montana during that time. My brother Lloyd gave it to me yesterday!

This is my Dads coat and chaps. There was an old candy bar wrapper in the pocket and spearmint gum. I remember him chewing gum. My older brother Earl told me once that he my Dad and Brother Bill were riding horseback to Jardine from Billings. Earl said they were real hungry and Dad handed them each a stick of gum. Earl said not filling but tasted good! As you can see he was very frugal whether by choice or not. We never had much but learned to get by with what we had.

I can recall shoeing horses and we never had clinchers. The first clinchers I ever saw was when Jerry Ryder was shoeing horses for Dad. We always used a block of steel for a clinch block. We hit on the nail until it bent over into the wall. Those shoes rarely came off. I think that was the point. Too expensive to lose.

Those old shoes were iron and hard to shape. We had a forge to heat them up to shape. I got this forge after my Dad died and my horseshoeing partner and friend stole it from me! He went on to be a park ranger and deputy sheriff. I know you read this, you can return it anytime! 😉

I remember when Jerry was shoeing my Dad would reach down and pinch his back and then holler at the horse for biting Jerry. This went on till Jerry caught on! 😁 He always had fun and the closer to someone dying and not was the best for him. Us kids were not immune to his pranks. Many times climbing on those big broncy 4 year old colts he’d be snubbing and “accidentally” drop the lead rope. Nothing made him smile more than to watch a horse beller and buck!

A little history of my Dad and growing up and why I am the way I am.

Respectfully, Warren