Laying in the Mayo clinic in Rochester MN , for the last 10 days gives a man lots of time to reflect on his life and his accomplishments , failures , regrets, and future endeavors, . The only regret I have is that there werent 8 days in a week , so I could do more adventerous things and explore the world ! Every failure that came to me I owned it and I earned it . There is absolutely nobody who knows me can say I was ever afraid to try something ! Failure along with success is the best classroom you can attend. My accomplishments I will let others judge that but for one. My children ! Jeremiah and Aimee. Two of the best a man could ask for. Aimee lives in Australia and also has a home on the place here. She runs my summer horse operation , making sure that all is taken care of . What a fine job that she does . No sore horses and no serious injuries. She rides for the brand… Jeremiah stepped right up when I couldnt run my camp this fall and it may of run as smooth or smoother than when I was there. Im proud of them both and feel like being a Dad is the biggest responsibility a man can have in life. If every Father and Mother would take the time to say no and mean it you wouldnt have all this craziness in the world, No matter how tired I was at night Id play bucking bull or some other game and always read to them . We never stuck them in front of a video because it was easier. We would wake them up early in the morning and I would color with them before it got light and I was gone. Working around livestock can be dangerous and when we said no that was it NO meant no. There wasnt a time out threat etc… Jeremiah worked hard and played hard . And hes raising his the same way and what a treat it is to see them be respectful and proud of themselves. Aimee has never had children but has same values when watching others . This is passed down . I see so many parents hover around their kids and never let them get hurt or dirty or play hard. Ive witnessed so much on this trip that it compelled me to write something. We used to let them go play at 9 in the morning and wed maybe see them at lunch. I think that a lot of problems in the world can be stopped at home . Charity begins at home. Your children .. I get so many kids working for me and they have never had to do chores or work around the home. Spoiled bored kids are like mules they need a job , discipline , and love. Sitting next to a Mother in the hospital and her little boy kept pushing on an old mans wheel chair . She warned him no, 11 times . Finally I said to her , that guy doesent need a spoiled brat doing this to him . She jumped up and grabbed her kid and left like I insulted her .! Most of my posts are upbeat but I saw so much on this little hiccup in my life that it bothered me. As far as the future goes I cant wait to get my new knee working and then the other one done in Jan. Maybe Ill need to pay Hannibal another visit.. Respectfully Warren