Every once in awhile I write on here about the passing of someone that means a lot to me. Duane Neal passed away last week , he was an Outfitter in Hellroaring since 1968. His base camp was on Grizzly creek about an hour and a half from my camp on elk creek ! I’ve known him all my life. Not once did we ever have an argument or bad feelings in all of these years. We respected each other and if he needed anything my camp was his and the same with me in his camp!!! He packed out of my lodge many times over the years , when he couldn’t get over Wallace pass cause of the snow. He had a commanding presence and carried many a meeting to a fruitful end. I’ll sure miss our visits at my place and our talks about Outfitting at Carpenter lake.. You are the last of the ” old timers” Duane . When I can ride again next year I’ll pay my respects to you at your camp on Grizzly creek . Ruth and family I’ll miss him and if you need something , we are ready to ride and help.