He was born in 1992 on a little place up Cinnibar. We left the kids and Aimee’s mare Buttercup with friend of ours for a weekend. We were going to St. Ignatuous MT, to close on a small ranch. Buttercup was due to foal so as country people do we left the mare with the baby sitter as well. She had a brown stud colt and Aimee named him Rocky. The mare, after giving birth, spun around and laid Jeremiah out with her two hind feet! He was okay but sore for awhile.

Well, time went on we gelded him and at 4 I started him. He was one quick learner. He never got big and I thought he would be great for Aimee. He just never got gentle enough and there was always something different about him. When I’d go out in the mornings I always watched to see which colt watches you first or noticed you. They are usually real smart or damn broncy. He could buck a little but not mean. He learned how to unlock any latch / untie himself!

I’m not sure how the trading worked but Luke Roach ended up with him. Luke worked for me for 8 years and was the finest boy man there ever was. He rode Rocky a lot. Roped on him. Took him on his last journey cross country to Jackson Hole WY with Jeremiah the summer of 2001. Tragically Luke died early Oct . 2001. He was like Sue and I’s son. Jeremiah and Aimee’s brother. It was so heartbreaking that when I write about him now it tears me up. I’ll never forget he and Jeremiah bantering all through there teenage years. Aimee and Luke fighting into the early hours. He could sing, joke, the list goes on and on. He died while running the Chicago marathon.

Jeremiah inherited his horse. Rocky began to do some of the darnedest things. The first time Jeremiah and I noticed it was we left to go hunting on bull mountain and Rocky left Camp passed us and left the trail went to the one and only place we tie up to hunt. Came back and he was still there. This happened many times when we were going places Luke loved in the wilderness. He’d get out front and lead the way to Luke’s favorite spot. One time Jeremiah got off him to shoot at elk and as he was getting his hunters ready, Rocky took off and galloped all the way home! He never did that!

Jeremiah said he had a funny feeling Luke was messing with him. I watched him open gates and all the mules and horses get out and he walked back in corral and looked at door to see if anyone was coming out! Many times all the horses would be out and he’d be standing in corral! Today. I got a call from Dustin Sene who is horse and mule boss in Yellowstone Park! He said there were two horses with Jeremiah’s brand on them at Stevens creek. Now this was about 7 miles from where Jeremiah turned them up on our summer pasture! Sure enough it was Rocky still causing trouble. I don’t know but lots of different things have happened with him. He had Luke’s personality. Today he was coming home to Jeremiah!

Love and miss you Luke.

Respectfully, Warren