Merry Christmas to all my Wonderful friends in this great country and to my Wonderful friends all over the world! I feel Christmas is a time for tradition and family and friends to share their love and happiness. Too boost someone up in life on this day is always a great feeling . For years we’ve given to a family in need and to go to sleep on Christmas eve knowing that Santa will be at their home is a great feeling. This is a nice tradition! We also take a sleigh ride and do some caroling! As I was holding the lines last night talking to my brother in law Scott Sallee , who is more like a brother to me, I looked up at the old home where I was born and raised . One of my greatest memories of Christmas came back to me! It was 1970 and the night before Christmas . Back in those days you just didn’t get in your car and go shopping! It was cold and snowing all week and the old ford station wagon wouldn’t start. So no presents. Well my brother Tom Adkins was teaching school in Columbus MT , I think, and he was going to be Santa and bring us the gifts . Well about 10 o’clock at night he hadn’t shown . He was driving a little Volswagon and the roads were terrible . No phones to know where he was . The tree was nicely decorated but I started worrying about my younger siblings . No Santa coming . So at about 10.30 when all were in bed I went up to the attic and found some old board games and puzzles and one roll of wrapping paper . I got about 6 presents wrapped so it looked like Santa Claus had came and was sneaking them under tree when Tommy walked in the door . He had gifts for everyone and groceries that to a hungry country kid were fit for a king! What a nice wonderful Christmas.  Giving , its a great feeling !! Merry Christmas!

Respectfully Warren