This is me, Joe, the wounded Warrior and Mick! This was Joes last day at our place yesterday! He had just finished telling me about his American flag that he carried all over the world ! In a submarine . Antarctic, in battle etc.. in a very emotional two sentences he said I can’t think of a better place to fly the greatest flag on this planet! Right next to the Hellsaroarin roarin flag . He said one more thing , you must carry it on your horse drive in the spring ! I will Joe and I’ll hold it tall and proud to show all who see it what a hell of a man you are !! Yellowstone Processing never charged him for processing his elk ! Please support them! I’ll tell them all next spring about your flag and it’s befitting as we are buying a wounded warrior a wheel chair with next years fund raiser! Yes Joe once again the red white and blue will be held tall and proud for all you sacrificed!

With all Respect