A fair amount of years ago we just had the meat pole break in camp. There were four bulls elk on it and it was not a proper one anyway. We just finished stacking the halves up and I heard a horse nicker!

I looked up and there was Jeremiah and our packer / wrangler Chris Woodcock. I ran and got my camera and snapped this of Jeremiah. It was November 15th and we had two feet of snow. It was -5 below zero. Jeremiah was 6! Chris brought the mules in to bring out the meat and hunters gear. We were all headed out the next day. I had no idea Sue was sending him in to camp. But what a great surprise to share that night with him.

He is riding Gus, a half pony half quarter horse. He was a Grullo in color. I bought him from Harold Jan’s out of Verdigre Nebraska! He was a good little horse but had to jog to keep up with the big horses so Jeremiah only rode him a few times. Changing times. Jeremiah ride the 20 miles in one day and the next day we rode back out. On a jogging pony! 😊 It was a tremendous hunting season and one if my most favorite years. All great memories!

On a side note, I gave Gus to our neighbor Zondra Skertich and she kept him until she outgrew him. I was plowing snow today thinking about this and how many horses I gave to kids around here to get them started in life. It always made me feel good. Good to be home.

Respectfully Warren