I’m slowly getting caught up from the busiest summer we’ve ever had ! Our horses work hard and I appreciate them ! Thank you Aimee , once again for the great care you take of them . Well I’m going to share another old hunting photo ! This is me on the left with my 45:70 sharps rifle ! A gift from them for guiding their high profile clients. Lloyd Johnson my brother standing next to me . Clarence Johnson my older brother kneeling and my best friend through out life . We fought like hell but lord help anyone who came at either one of us . Russ Laubach standing. A grade school friend of mine and the nicest guy ever . Claude Knutson on end . A giant of a man who worked for my Dad and for me also . I had 14 hunters that morning and we got 14 bull elk . A great hunting day . I think we saw over 150 bull elk that morning . It was -25 below zero . I still love to hear the ice as it builds up on my feather footed horses . It makes you feel alive and well it’s what I’ve done my whole life . Ride horses , chase elk , pack , it’s my life and I’m proud that we are still a horse and mule operation . I cherish the heritage . The Johnsons starting with my Dad and now with our business are the longest continually operating Outfitters in this area . Since 1930 his business ” Johnson Outfitters ” and mine HellsaroarinOutfitters have never ceased to take fishing hunting horseback trips . So on the 12 I’ll make my annual trek into the wild hellroaring country and hopefully put to rest who is the best me or Hannibal . I just watched Davy Crockett on a DVD! So I went to town and got my teeth whitened somewhat ! I’m going to do like Davy did and try and grin him down . Aimee was somewhat bemused and puzzled as she watched me practicing in the mirror today ! Thank you all my wonderful friends on here for reading and commmenting about my horse Joseph!

Respectfully Warren