This is few long years ago . It’s one of my absolute favorite places in the wilderness area ! Haystack meadows . This looking at redrock on the right , then brundage then horse creek . Dave Poncin is leading , Ohio hunter , Jeremiah , me leading mules with elk . Ohio hunter and the nicest man I know , Jerry Metcalf from Hardin , MT !! Incidentally the last roan mule went completely crazy two years later packing elk out of bear creek , Jerry Ryder was with me . She was reaching around tearing hunks of meat out of the elk . I had to rope her and snub her to a tree to get her unpacked . This was a good morning . I was bugling in s bull elk and watching the sun hit bull mountain from the bugle tree. I heard a bull come in behind me , grabbed hunter and turned him around. Nope not an elk but s big old sow grizzly with three young of the year cubs . I jumped up and hollered at her and they hightailed it out of there . She thought I was an elk . Just as she left and we were talking over what just transpired , that same bull let out  a beller just over in the swale . We hustled over there and before you know it we needed mules . I’ve watched the sun hit bull mountain so many times from the bugle tree . This photo brings a flood of memories . Hope you enjoyed it !

Respectfully Warren