This was me and Pete Seda , he has hunted and fished with me longer than any other client . This particular fall I stayed in my camp for 63 days straight . It rained for 55 days . My old hat couldn’t take it anymore and it finally just collapsed. You earned every elk you got! The mud was so deep the horse and mule shoes would suck off!

I was shorthanded and had to let two sissies go so it was real tough . I was young and it started making me go a little be crazy and feral . Horses or mules wouldn’t walk on the trails as it was too frozen in the morning or too sloppy. Mules that knew better would go around trees and you could see that it embarrassed them when they did . My hands were so cracked and split that I’d wince when I’d tie a bowline .

One day I filled my hunters out and I thought of Sue and my kids and packed my duffel and headed to Jardine and our one room log cabin . Aimee was a baby and Jeremiah saw me and hightailed it for the house, wondering who was that riding his Dads horse. I’ll never forget that hot shower and no mud when I did chores that night . Oh I forgot I had gotten a note saying maybe I should come home pretty soon!