I see all of this trouble in the world , shootings in school drugs etc , This is me and my son Jeremiah at Fawn lake . What a great way to raise a child and teach him about nature . I think and really believe this that if more parents would take their kids out and do things in nature or just outdoors life would be better . You cannot sit on a phone or computer all day listening to bad things or seeing bad things not to have a negative affect ! Twenty four hour news shows is too much . Hollywood stars saying ” I am a nasty woman ” or ” I thought seriously about blowing up the white house ” ! What is that teaching our youth !? Nothing but bad things . I’m a very positive person but hate this negative stuff all the time about politics etc… Kids see this and think if all these movie stars can talk and act like idiotic beings then it’s ok to kill people and blow things up ! I’ve unfriended people on here who wished President Trump was in the middle of a hurricane. What does that teach the youth of our country. To wish someone dead? Talk intelligently and in a way that brings ideas and real hope to people and especially children !

We as adults should act in a manner that inspires the next generation, not encourage violence and unrest . The latest school shooting prompted this post . I am sickened by these posts and threats against our President and someone whose views differ than yours . I learned better behavior in third grade and it stuck with me . I am respectful of people , animals , and especially I try in every way to help the youth as they are the future of all we love . You movie stars and entertainers should encourage discussion but not violence . I’m not perfect and have made mistakes but I’ve tried to learn by them. I just look at little kids dying and it tears me up and to think there are so many people encouraging and promoting hatred ..this is not my usual posts and I’m getting off my soapbox but if you want to spout hatred and violence to encourage more acts that just happened stay off my site. We were taught to respect guns and people ! I do !

Respectfully Warren