Good morning from Hellsaroarin. Fathers Day rodeo is over . One more year . I’ve been involved in putting these on in some form since 1975 . The crowd this year was great . The sponsors were generous . Thank you to all of the volunteers . Especially my brother Mike Adkins for suppling the water truck at a last minute notice and one heck of an operator . The help I have at Hellsaroarin are about as good as I’ve ever had . Many are green but their enthusiasm is so welcomed . The pouty crybabies left early to be home and the ones that wanted to experience this last vanishing lifestyle stayed . We needed riders and they stepped up never having done it before . Paul Henry and his sister Bella did a tremendous job on the opening ceremony . Then he rode a bronc and did a good job . If you seem Bella loping around with the flag you’d swear she was riding as a kid but just started . I cannot say enough about them all as the rodeo would not of come off like it did without them . Jacobs rodeo company once again did not disappoint. Great folks and just nice to work with . We sure missed Dick and Terry Jo Lyman . Good luck Dick . Gardiner Ambulance once again was there to help out . I’ll get a list of all the sponsors . Volunteers . It was just a fun two nights . Respectfully Warren