In 1988 I took a drive to Ronan Mt with Levi Britton . The purpose of the trip was to sell a roan gelding to Walt Vermandal . So Levi decided to pick up a sorrel colt for his son Luke. The colt was a yearling or two year old. It came from Lukes Grandparents! Well the colt wasn’t too impressive looking and when we got home Id forgotten all about him. It was the spring of 1991 when Levi asked me if Jeremiah my son would be interested in starting this nondescript gangly roached mane colt! Now Leviand I are great friends but he being an arena man would invariabaly cut the manes off . Roping. Well it was a common practice in the 60s 70s and was on its way out in the 90s. Levi was a holdout! I think he did it to irritate me! Anyway Jeremiah got him started sent him home and all was history. The next summer I took Levis sister and her two friends to the mountains and Levi brought JoJo up for me to put some mountain miles on . That dirty bugger had taken up bucking and could do a fair job of it . In fact a pretty well known and respected cowboy from Texas was working for me ” Joel Nelson” and he said he was as rank as he had seen in awhile. I was 33 years old , no wait 23, and his bucking didn’t bother me. I rode him all fall and man what a horse . I love a good head swinging walking horse , and at this none were better . He was growing up and I knew I needed him for my own. Levi sold him to me and as usual he made a fortune…. I renamed him Joseph and he became locally famous . There wasn’t anything he couldn’t pull and he was good at anything you asked of him . We trusted each other that many times I never put anything on his head . Especially if it was 20 below zero and he was just fine with my voice. Id never roped a steer on him and in fact he wasn’t made for that but I tried it one day . Caught my steer and went to rope another one and took everything off his head and backed him in nodded and he went out I did my job and damned if he didn’t turn off and face when he felt the heeler dally. Somewhere along the line he lost an eye.. It never bothered him and as time went on he at 25 lost 95 percent of his vision.His eyesight is kind of like the old fading sign on the barn. Joseph The Greatest Horse In The World! Going back to 1993 I bought a load of horses from my old friend Marlin Kennedy whom we tragically lost two years ago. On this load was a line back dunn with wild horse brand on him . He was three years old. He was a green broke gelding and we named him Bob. Nice colt , but terrible to shoe on his hind feet . Actually wicked. We worked with him for 15 years before he became easy to put iron on him. If they stay at my place that long they are good horses or mules . The good outweighs the bad for sure! I don’t have anything on welfare don’t believe in it but have many old pensioners on social security.They earned it. Well father time caught up with both of them . Old Bob was the greatest hunting horse and then was a wonderful trustworthy kids horse. Never took a mean step with kids. When Joseph became blind Bob was his eyes. They stayed together by nickering to one another . Bob hated to let his old buddy get out of sight. He would be frantic with worry. Joseph needed him but would find he was ok alone. But not Bob he knew , somehow he was his eyes. I watched it more than once as he would go over and direct him through a difficult maze. I was clearing trail the other day and Aimee was crying that Bob was down and couldn’t get up . She said Im keeping the flies off him but please hurry. I knew the outcome and dreaded what I must do . Everything I have came from the labor of these great animals. I got home went to the house and got my pistol . I respected him enough to not let him suffer. I reluctantly went to the Old Folks Corral . I hugged Aimee and sent her away . Caught Joseph as he was standing over his old buddy . I tied him out of sight and walked back to where he was laying . He moved his head and it was in an awkward position . I looked at him and said Bob don’t make me do this quit fighting and just go to sleep . I reached down and scratched him between the ears. I said again go on old boy its time to rest . He took one big kick and breathed his last . As I was carrying him away Old Joseph was beside himself nickering for his eyes. ! My window is open in the summer and its close to the Old Folks Corral and 5 times during the night I could here him whinnying for his old pardner . He became listless but eating and is buddying up with an old Strawberry roan . But I know he would drop him like a hot rock if old Bob would walk through that gate .

Respectfully Warren