The people who know me personally know that I never debate religion , seldom politics but have strong beliefs about both . Im a Patriot but don’t bash those who aren’t! I don’t make a statement about being a nice person and to be kind to your neighbor then post a nasty post about someone who does not believe like you. Pretty boring world if we all thought the same! I am very proud of my country . I don’t agree with a lot of things but sure believe its worth changing and I try and do my part ! Im very proud of my flag and what it stands for . Again not perfect but show me one that is!!! Disillusioned with some politicians but Ive never missed my right to vote . Not perfect but I don’t like the alternative! I haven’t always done it this way but when its time to change something then I try and be civil . But Im not a pushover and when people wrong me or disrespect me personally then Im ready to fight for what I believe in. That brings me to this . Im proud of our Veterans , and all that they have been through . ! I help in any way I can . They are always welcome here and I believe there should be a week instead of a day . Can you imagine being 10000 miles away from home and seeing your friends die and stuck in a foxhole with rain making you cold to the bone? While we are warm and mostly safe. Maybe some are mad because the internet is down.. … It may sound like a rundown record but get in a tin bathtub and sit in the middle of the Interstate some rainy night and pray a car does not hit you . Best analogy I could come up with. Im going to personally help a Veteran and his or her family out this year and hope people who can will do the same. Happy veterans day to any I know and know that I respect you all .. You are heroes.

Respectfully Warren Johnson