Good Morning from Hells A Roarin Outfitters! This is Tom Desaveur, from the Fishtail country of Montana. He was one of the three people to get a track chair this past spring!!

The Hells A Roarin horse drive does a charity event every Memorial Day. Jean, Sara, Sue and many others raised enough money to buy three of these chairs. It warmed my heart to receive this picture last night. Tom can now stand and be much more mobile .

I can’t thank all the people enough who organized, donated, bid and just showed up to make these things happen. I just run the horses home and keep people safe. I really try and stay and do positive things on here and this is one of them.

Here he is getting ready to fit his rifle so he can hunt. I’ve gotten him two good bulls up here over the years. He is always thankful, happy, and a damn fine man and Father. So when you want to whine about little things that don’t matter read this. I live by the five minute rule. If in five years it doesn’t matter then don’t waste more than five minutes worrying about it! I try to anyway!! Way to go Tom, my heart soars.

Respectfully Warren