In 1991 I had 10 brand new pack saddles made by Art Heiden of Kalispell, MT! I was sure proud of them. They had Ray Holes trees the finest on the market. But I didn’t get 1/4 breeds. I was worried the half breeds would wear out so Jerry Ryder showed up with this huge old reject roll of carpet from the Park. I can still see him cutting out these 1/4 breeds on the lawn. It was just about this time before hunting season.

Well they lasted until Jeremiah in the late 90s built me a couple dozen pack saddles and he built leather 1/4 breeds. I am still using them. Well this spring I bought a few old pack saddles that I sold from Susan Kennedy in Idaho. Low and behold two of them had this same old carpet on them from when Jerry put it on. 27 years later. They endured. Just a little nostalgia from the good old days.

Respectfully Warren