At this salt house used by sheepherders Dave Poncin and myself were eating lunch many years ago . I got up to look around for elk tracks and the trees you see in the distance , I started finding bones and horse skulls . I hollered at Dave and we found maybe in a 300 yard radius 23 skulls . None were shot or obvious signs of blown apart by lightening . Nor was there any evidence of fire . I think they were stolen and hidden in the mountains thru the summer and they either couldn’t find them again or got scared and left them . Horses will always paw the snow uphill and then get trapped and be snowed in . The skulls appeared to be twenty five years old or so but just guessing . I’m sure the bears had fun in the spring . In little specimen creek about five miles east of there we found three horses tied to trees that people obviously couldn’t find after they went hunting . They chewed the trees pretty bad and the equipment was all rotten . Jamie Bell and myself found an old old horse skull grown into a fir tree two miles south of little specimen . It looked like from Indian or mountain men time . A few strange things I’ve seen in the wilderness . Respectfully Warren