Good Morning from Hellsaroarin ! This is a couple of my favorite pictures . I’ve said on here before that we have packed thousands of fence posts that the forest service used for water bars on the trails . Put in properly and more importantly cleaned and maintained properly at least once a year is vital in maintaining a good trail system . Dan Tyers started this project of the water bars and I personally believe that if they were in all the trails that the trails wouldn’t get as wide or as deep . This is my son Jeremiah packing them up grizzly creek in the hellroaring drainage ! He is riding Leo his good grey Horse !

These aren’t easy to pack and weigh over s hundred pounds on each side . When Jeremiah gets ahold of something you better be on your feet cause it’s moving . When two are slung together . Many hikers don’t like horses and mules on the trails . Well folks horses and mules built those trails and maintain them . I love trail work and volunteer to pack or cut out trails anytime I can . Anyway from Jardine to Cooke City we have packed a million loads of posts , gravel , supplies for the forest service . On every trail in Yellowstone Park we’ve packed everything you can imagine and then some for the park service . Jeremiah is bar none the best all around hand I’ve ever seen or been around . Bar none . Respectfully Warren