This is me and our very first brochure! I was reading John Moores post about cold weather during the terrible fires in eastern MT ! So when I saw this old brochure it brought up cooler temperatures and cool times . I killed this nice mule deer with my sharps .45/70 . This was in 1982 . We lived on deer and elk meat . We designed this off the old OTO ranch brochure. This was a promotional picture for C Sharps rifle company . I took them and their VIPS hunting when they first got started building rifles in Big Timber! They wanted their own camp so I set up two camps in hellroaring . 200 yards apart . Boy you talk about busy and confusion with food cooks mules horses . But we needed every dime so I just bowed my neck and did it. I was 23 years old and it was the start of the largest outfitting business on public land in America . We grew it into three major hunting camps . At our peak we had 1350 horses and mules , 45 employees, 76 bucking bulls , 100 roping / dogging steers, 50 breakaway calves, 100 mother longhorns with calves , one nondescript milk cow . 8 bulls in the PBR. I leased approx. 100 saddle horses to the horse operation in Yellowstone Park for 18 summers . We contract packed for 17 summers average two times a week in Yellowstone Park all kinds of gear . These were the greatest of times and everyday held an adventure that weak hearted people would crawl in a corner and hide. I’ve been over every trail in Yellowstone and wilderness area many times . I’ve seen and done things because of all above that I’ll never witness again ! It’s been a hell of a ride. I’m glad we are down to one camp and 300 horses and mules and a pony / burro 6 calves 36 chickens! But true to our nature in the next 17 days exciting changes are on the horizon . Not only Hannibal but something I’ve wanted all my life .. stay tuned!