Goodnight from hellsaroarin. I’m not going to let vote stealing liberals get me down! What a beautiful sunrise this morning . Tomorrow is one of the best words in the English language . It brings new hope and new beginnings . I can remember building this place or logging or hunting and wonder how you were going to get out of bed in the morning but we always did . I’d prefer more snow for hunting but the elk need to win sometime too. I love elk and never tire of looking at them . I hunt them but have so much respect for them . I hate these tough talking hunters “ Yeah I killed a rag horn or little shit horn “! Exscuse my language ! I call the little younger ones brush bulls and respect them as much as any. I’ve said this before but the two favorite things I’ve seen in the wild was number one a big old white bearded grizzly bear at Fish lake . No dang radio collar on him . He was in a little meadow testing the wind at daylight . It was snowing and he sensed I was there but couldn’t see or smell me . He sat down on his haunches and started spinning until he made me and he was gone like a ghost in the mist . He was truly wild . Then a line of elk migrating in 1986 😯🙂I counted 4600 in one string . You could here them talking for two miles away . Goodnight all tomorrow is a better day . PS anyone tell me exactly where I was when I took picture? Free cap to winner Respectfully Warren