I was looking at some old pictures today and this is our old homestead from 1983. I had started to rebuild the corrals and hadn’t yet pulled all the sagebrush! The old log barn was leaning as no foundation just rocks. My haystack was pretty tiny. We lived in the cabin to the far right . That spring we put the little old addition on. Aimee was just born and we needed room. The old sheds looked sound from this photo but they were far from it. The big house caught fire and burned along with the big tree two years later. It wasn’t really to liveable. When we built the new barn in 94/95 I sold the old one to a millionaire to put into his million dollar home to pretend to everyone that he was repurposing logs and saving the environment. It was amusing as the fuel he used to tear down and move was huge. Another story though. I did save one shed and it’s our catch all do all shed. The shed on far left I used to house buffalo as I traded and did everything to make a living. I once had a pair of calf buffalo in there and I was hand feeding them to gentle down . The male was mean and one time he got me in a corner and worked me over pretty darn good. I couldn’t ride colts for a month and I had 13 to break. So I shipped the wooly little buggers. I think of all we’ve done and built after looking at this and I’m damn proud. I said I wanted to buy this place and it was very very expensive. Everyone said you’ll never make it. Tom Venable gave me the best advice, Warren if you can make the payments it will work as you need to live somewhere! I’m glad we did! Just a little history of Hells A Roarin Outfitters!

Respectfully Warren