Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends and a few of my enemies! It has been a great hunting season . Saw a grizzly this morning . The eagle I roped last week is doing great. There is about 45 calves per 100 cow elk . literally 100s of young spike bulls ! Many different age groups . I think the herd is recovering nicely. Hell I might buy another outfitting business! I have much to be thankful for , most of all my children , family , great employees , greatest string of horses and mules ! Oh thanks Sue for always supporting my endeavors!!!!! But we all need to feel proud for living in such a great country that gives us all an opportunity to be successful and happy , I look back on my season and treasure each beautiful sunrise I witnessed from the mountain tops . I was cleaning the barn yesterday and was listening to the horses and mules chew their grain . What a beautiful sound . Im proud to say my barn is always full of oats for my hardworking friends , call me old fashion but the other day while hunting I smelled a stinky old four wheeler 200 yards away . Im glad I still make my living on the back of a horse . The old names of my war horses come to mind . Tug, Jerk, Haystack , Icebox, Joseph,Strip, Chisum, Crevice, Scotty, Concho, Spyder, 8 Ball, Redbird, Red Feather , Chink to name a few. What a great way of life! Also Im thankful for all the new friends we met this year . Many from America but a few from Germany ,Barbara and Tina ! Italy Drew and Natalia Wolf Three and Rachael ! Happy Thanksgiving

– Respectfully Warren