It’s that season again . Christmas has always been my most favorite holiday , for many reasons . Here we are a long time ago taking a Xmas eve ride . This has been a family tradition forever. The team is bay clydes Tom and Jerry . They were gentle but one was faster than the other so I sold them . It’s so important to get two that travel together . A matched team is beautiful but if one walks slower , through no fault of his own , then the faster one keeps his tugs tighter and works harder . I’d rather have different colors than that. During the winter of 2001 I broke 110 teams to drive . I was pretty proud of this and was very fortunate to have most match for color and speed . The Silvertip ranch is still using many of those teams. I never let them pull until they quit or start a sled off that the runners were frozen to the ground . I always drove three abreast , the more experienced colt in the middle. I would put four to six behind the sleigh packed with salt . When I got to Buffalo pass wed unharness three and unpack three and switch ! I’d do this twice before lunch and once after lunch . I needed carpul tunnel surgery after that winter. Some of those days it was -25 below ! But I needed them broke enough by Memorial Day for the sale . They were , we sold close to four hundred head of horses at BLS ! I hope you enjoyed that little story . On another note , if anybody knows of a family , elderly , injured person who needs some firewood please pm me ! I’ve got the technology , know how , ambition , and want to to get it for them . In the Gardiner Paradise Valley area!!