Sam ! I got him as a puppy in May 2005 . Aimee brought him into the yard and I was on a colt in the corral . I liked the pup as soon as I saw him and he liked me . Hell he liked everyone and everyone loved him ! I carried him in my arms while I was circling the colt . A ranch , farm , homestead is awful lonely without dogs . We bonded . He was my pup . He never did a bad thing . Never chased a deer or horse . Just happy to be alive . There are a couple little kids he would’ve died for though . He saved my life on at least two occasions . He had a bear bark that I knew immediately and get prepared . He had a low low growl when wolves lurked about . He’d ignore the coyotes but when young would chase a fox . He and I hiked and rode a million miles . He was the very best company . He greeted me with a tail wagging . How many thousands of kids petted him or took their picture with him . Yet he never raised a hackle . He did love to try and catch rock chucks on deckard flat . Chipmunks in hellroarin’ . Never successful . As age caught up to him he quit that . The long cold nights when I was alone up here he’d lay in a rug by the fireplace while I read . I’d get up to go to bed and those big loving eyes would look at me for a signal . If it was cold I’d bring his rug in ! For two months now his hips had been failing him . Today was a bad day and I wasn’t going to let my old friend suffer . He hated town . He got depressed in camp after three days . Hellsaroarin’ and his boundary of three miles was home . He loved it here . Always healthy. He always had a big old buffalo elk deer bone or leg to chew on . Many people ask how our dogs live so long with good teeth . Natural and outside unless I’m alone. This evening I carried him behind the barn to where he played in his water as a puppy! I talked to him and told him how good he was how he was loved by me and all who had the pleasure of petting him . I told him I always fed him and attended to his needs . I thanked him for saving my life . I thought then should I write about him and it was 50/50. So a little selfishly to make me feel better and to let people know about him . Many wanted him . I told him I was sorry but I wasn’t giving you a ride in a truck which you hated . I petted him not as hard as I did when he was strong but hard enough he knew it was me . He used to love having me rough him up . He was a gentlemen to the end I said I need you to look away Sam . He did . Growing up in the country colts die calves die your best horse breaks his leg you are sad but you just move on . It happens all the time . This was the hardest ever . Always a gentleman , see you old friend . Oh the miles and secrets we shared huh old feller . Rest In Peace .


Respectfully Love Warren