First off this is not my mule and I never packed her! I caught this mule last fall with a cheap little halter on and went and got a proper leather mule halter. She came running up off Decker flats looking like this scared to death . I just had my knee replaced but I got her caught and haltered and tied to the owners trailer. The things that are wrong with this picture !! Saddle is a cheaply made piece of junk. It’s not adjusted properly. The spider should be over the hips. The britchen should be higher . I believe in half breeds and quarter breeds to protect animal and leather. Always tie your pack down . If this pannier had flipped over to the other side she would of rolled off a mountain . I hear horror stories all the time about packing and I see it all the time. It’s coming upon hunting season and take the time to learn about packing the right way . Joe Back book is great . Just do your animals a favor and learn now and not try and do it the day of. This has been on my mind for thirty years . Here is the worst cases I’ve found in the mountains. Three horses tied to trees and the owners couldn’t find them again . They were dead when I found them . It was maybe ten years old , they had eaten the trees as far as they could reach. One pack pony below snowslide on Palmer mountain . He ran away packed at Fawn lake and his pack rolled under him . I found him the next spring upside down and he too had eaten on the tree he was up against. If the owners hadn’t driven into my yard everyday looking in my corral they may of found him . A lone horse walking up from Ranger Station with a pack saddle on but no blanket he had lost blanket and the pack saddle bars had put a fistula on his withers . I could smell the rotten flesh for a hundred feet ! It was a beautiful draft cross I bought from Jim Hotckiss that I sold a Jardine resident . He was in so much pain that I put him to sleep . A lady staying here this summer asked why I carry a pistol always wellll! These are the very worst things I’ve seen but many many others . I just know that people don’t intend to do this but if I could save a horse or mule by informing people that packing is serious business and treated right can be the best fun and so rewarding ! Hate to rant and don’t think I am just telling my experiences.