The Hells a Roarin’ Spring, Summer, Fall season is over!!! What a sensational year. We had a great spring bear season, sensational horse drive and dance, the summer trail rides were as busy as can be . Our summer trips into Hellroaring was as busy as we could hope for. And last but not least our elk hunting season was in the top 5 since 1982. We have never advertised, never been to a sports show and all of my hunters come from repeat or word of mouth . At this time I want to thank all of my wonderful employees . Without you this would not be possible. I never ask them to do anything I don’t do or haven’t done . I try and lead by example . I never miss a day of hunting never.. When I cant throw my leg over the saddle every day I will be crossing the great divide! The thought of retiring and hobbying sends a chill down my spine. Back to my help . Jeremiah my son, is my right arm. There is nothing he cannot do and will do . I am as proud as any parent . Thanks Jeremiah my life would be empty without you . I am so proud that we have never had a argument or fight ever ! Aimee is so essential to the barn and the care of our horses and mules ! She takes care of them only as a true horsewoman can . I’m also so proud that we have never had a fight . You are the light of my life. Dy < Sabrins thanks for the wonderful meals and cleaning and all my special suppers . I love you both.Bruce, Jay, Chris, Jerry, Tiffer, Drew, Anthony, Mick, Ben, Stan, Dodge, John, Dan, Andy, Chandler, Ryan . Shawn, David, Matt,Clifford, Q Ball, You guys are the best a man could want. I cant thank you enough! It takes a team to do this and your the team . If you ever need me day or night Im ready to ride! My horses and mules are the best. Bar none ! I love them all . Sue, you keep us all on the straight an narrow . You are the silent one that takes no credit and keeps us all going . With a smile that all look forward to seeing! Thanks to the greatest bunch of elk hunters from all over the world that a man could ever want!


– Warren