I want to say something about a known eco-terrorist group in our community. They are here under the guise of protecting the wolves. One of them has been in prison for 8 years for bombing and destroying private property. This disturbs me on so many levels.

First I think about all of the young kids growing up hunting , fishing and just enjoying nature! They now cannot hike in the woods around here like I enjoyed doing. I know I would not send my kids in the woods with the likes of a terrorist group like they are. They are supported by and liked by a website called ”Legends of Lamar Valley”! If anyone is supporting or liking these groups I would strongly suggest they think twice about them. This man is a known criminal and I was personally warned by a Federal law officer to watch out for him in the mountains. I am personally not worried about them as they are generally cowards but I do worry about a changing element to our local community. We have always had differences in this area but they were settled with talk and majority rules.

Sue and I started the bear creek council in 1985 to monitor the mine activities , not to shut them down . Sue became,as president of Bear Creek Council ,great friends with the boss and foreman ,and many things were worked out to everyone’s satisfaction. We as a community need to think long and hard about having militant groups or the people, and websites who like these militant groups welcome to our community. They are just a despicable race who breaks the law in the name of the animals. I am writing a post a day on this area and the animals and hunting, etc., until I get what I believe to be the truth. I am appalled at the local people I know who support and like these people!


-Warren Johnson