We started Hells a roarin Outfitters in 1982 with 12.00 in our pockets and a desire to be the best . My motto was never leave in the morning for second place . I have always operated my business on my own terms and my own way . There were 25 outfitters operating in this area . Now the number is 7 in area 313 and 6 in area 316. Quite a change . Many just quit and I bought out three others and abolished the business to make for a bigger area and better experience. I never take for granted what I do or how lucky I am to live here and be a part of this large eco system . I try and give more back than I take . At the end of the year when I reflect on the season and its happenings I always try and see how I can make it better for next year . For about 5 seasons I offered free game retrieval to all non commercial folks . I did this so elk and deer did not need to stay out all night or longer than it should to protect it from wolves and bears . This was done to minimize any risks to humans and wild animals . Win Win . Until the Forest Service decided I didnt have enough days to retrieve the game for free . Never understood that one but at any rate I stopped doing this a few years ago . I try to be a good member of the community and so I was and still am shocked that wolf patrol videos only me for their website . They are now saying that their monitoring the area for any lawbreakers . They also said that there are no Game Wardens in the area. These people are complete strangers to this country and they say this? We are represented by a fine new Game Warden , Chris Kerrin, he is reasonable at all times and is a great protector of our natural resources . He is also assisted by Brian Helms and Kevin Dooley . They are a dying breed of backcountry rangers who patrol on horseback . My place has always been and always will be open to all of these folks .I have assisted them for 30 plus years in every way I could . During the peak season my place is a hub and open to all who need my help . The last Warden would leave his horse here to patrol on . We have two fine ladies who are our biologists for this area . Karen Lovelace ,is the for lack of me knowing her title I will say , the general biologist . Abby Nelson is the wolf biologist here . Both have a job I dont want and they do the very best that they can with so many diverse problems here, its a thankless job. What really bothers me the most is that these people come here thinking that we know nothing and that we havent done a very good job with the wildlife in this area . Tomorrow I will give my opinion on this and conclude my little thoughts on wolves elk moose and ecoterrorists.


-Warren Johnson